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We are so thankful for people like you who support the work of the Lord. Our desire is to not only feed and clothe as many orphans and widows as we can, but to share the love of Christ with everyone we serve and to tell them how they can be forgiven of their sins and become children of God if they place their trust in Jesus the Savior.


God bless,
Sharon Nightingale

In Memory of Jason Nightingale (September 6, 1948 - April 19, 2017)


About Us:

In 1973, Jason & Sharon Nightingale felt a calling from God to present the Book of Revelation to the Church of Jesus Christ in North America

They were called not to teach the Book, but simply to present it without commentary and in a dramatic fashion, adding nothing to it and taking nothing from it, that the Church might hear the Book of Revelation and heed it for Her edification.

Combining skills derived from the disciplines of acting, storytelling, oral interpretation and chancel theatre and using complete books of the Bible as script, Jason developed a new craft that would later be called Scripture telling. In November 1974, the Nightingales inaugurated an itinerant ministry to facilitate the presentation of the Book of Revelation in this new performance art form. They have, by the mercies and enabling of the Lord Jesus, shared the Word with thousands of God’s dear people.

Wordsower (a non-profit corporation) was organized first to facilitate the ministry of the spoken Word and has become Wordsower International to reflect our current scope of ministry and to better conduct the evangelistic and compassionate endeavors that have grown out of this work of service to the Church.



Please pray for that we will continue in Him while serving others. It's a blessing to pray and we appreciate yours.

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