Two small orphan homes, Children Rescue Homes for children orphaned by Ebola plague. Large widow's ministry. Director, staff. Twenty five children

Haven of Rescue Homes for endangered/handicapped children. Director, staff.

Wordsower Liberia church planting ministry has planted over six hundred churches reaching every county in the country through its Bible Institute lead by Kim Smith.  This faithful brother in Christ is currently in the US on a much deserved furlough.  We hope to soon find him traveling once more. Your prayers are appreciated. 


Greetings brethren in Christ Jesus . 

I take this time to explain about the ministry in Liberia.  

I'm Frederick R. Nightingale, married to beautiful Yankar L. Nightingale, and the national director of Wordsower Liberia and founder of Wordsower International widows and children ministry Liberia. 

Liberia is one of the poorest countries in the world. There are more than 500,000 children and 700,000 widows who live across the country who have no shelters, no food and no one to care for them. 

The economic situation is very bad due to the civil war in Liberia.  Most men were killed so for this reason widows are homeless and have no means for survival. 

Wordsower International is catering to 250 widows, feeding these ladies on a monthly basis where we give 25kg rice, oil, soap, vital, fish cup, salt and etc.

In 2014 during Ebola crisis Wordsower decided to take in orphans whose parents were killed by Ebola. Wordsower Liberia brought in 25 children who were now outcasts and considered cursed. Providing food, shelter, education, medication and showing them the love and care of Jesus. Because of the poverty and high cost of living in Liberia, orphans are still on the street with no means to go to school, buy shelter, or food.

Everyday family and community members bring in kids to our home for us to help but we cannot because of space, also widows pull in with babies and small children. These mothers who can't afford basic necessities.  

In our vision to go forward we need to own property and bring in more street orphans. 

Wordsower currently does not own property in Liberia for the ministry, we pay $2,640 usd yearly for the children's apartments.

Wordsower Liberia has long dreamed to own land and build a school, children's home, medical clinic and vocational center to train our widows skill. For these widows Wordsower has built a local structure in the village for the weekly devotions and to teach them the Bible. This is taught weekly by pastor Joseph G. Utay and myself. 

Our dream is to educate these children to be useful citizens and contribute to society and know God. Thank you for your love and support, God bless you.

~Frederick Nightingale